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It is not possible to write the biography of Enrique Talledo without mentioning the sea. Having been a resident in the Cantabrian town of Castro Urdiales since 40 years ago, he has spent almost more time in the water than on the land. He had been guided by his father as a fisher apprentice since his childhood. Since he became a young man, he has been a diver and underwater photographer, and now he is a cameraman, researcher and promoter of the ocean floor.

Driven by his innate talents and successes, what began as just a hobby has significantly transformed his life and has eventually become his profession. Being the CMAS Instructor, champion of Spain twice and World runner-up of underwater photo safari without oxygen supply by countries, kike, as he likes to be called, currently manages Mundos Oceánicos which is a production company dedicated to the works of photo and video with special emphasis on natural environments, landscapes and of course, on the depths of the sea.

Champion of Spain twice and World runner-up of snorkel underwater photo safari supply by countries. He has won more than one hundred photographs and underwater video awards.

Although Cantabria has been and is his primary source of inspiration, Talledo has also explored the most adorable diving sites distributed in all oceans on the planet with his photographic and filming equipments.

The result of these expeditions is an impressive archive of over 80,000 images. Some of them are awarded in international competitions and many, for their uniqueness and technical complexity, are used by institutions, companies and individuals for decoration, advertising, tourism and popular science on posters, brochures, advertisements and books. Furthermore, the young Cantabrian has already published more than 3000 photographs in the press. With his heart in the water but his feet down to earth, Kike has not been limited to capture and recreate in the boundless submarine beauty. He wanted to know the ocean and make it known. Therefore, he has released the most comprehensive book about underwater fauna and flora in Cantabria after complementing his autodidactic training with specialized courses in Biology.

The book "Cantabria Under the Sea", which took five years of writing with serious science, is also written in an enjoyable and sometimes humorous style. This allows the book to be attractive for readers of all ages and interests.  The book is also illustrated with nearly 500 photographs, verified by experts and enhanced by practical nomenclature indexes.

Enrique Talledo would like to dedicate the book to his land, Cantabria, and to his sky, the sea.

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The oceans have gone from being a fun for me, to a way of life.

My privileged situation has made me live unique experiences. But the environmental atrocities which I have seen force me to fight and work daily for the protection and disclose of the oceans and the amazing creatures that inhabit them.

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